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Digital News #23 - Look what you missed out in digital

Discover what you may have missed last week in the digital world 

Warning to all the Totok users!

A few days ago, the users of the application Totok as well as those who wanted to download it found themselves at a dead end. Indeed, it was impossible to launch the application. Whether on Play store or Apple store, the application was nowhere to be seen. It didn’t take long to understand why. A New York Times press release announced a few hours later that Totok was actually a spy tool used by the UAE government.

What can we expect from the IoT for 2020?

There are currently three connected objects for one human being. Needless to say, the IoT has already begun to become more accessible around the world. But what can we expect in the coming year? Thanks to the convergence of multiple technologies, we will be able to collect and use data like never before. Last but not least, blockchain will tackle some of the ongoing challenges around IoT security.

DriveNow is leaving Brussels in early 2020

In a press release, DriveNow announced its decision to leave the Belgian capital in February 2020. The car sharing company could not meet its goals, which lead to its departure from Brussels. This is not the first company in this sector forced to do so, as Zipcar also removed its cars from the capital earlier this year. This might be an indication that people living in Brussels are still too attached to their cars. 

A platform matching brands and influencers expanded to Instagram

A year ago, Facebook launched a platform to facilitate partnerships between influencers and advertisers called Brand Collabs Manager. This week, the platform was expanded to Instagram, in a move that could potentially have a significant impact on the future of influencer marketing. Influencers will now have the opportunity to share insights directly with the advertiser, to search for and to manage new partnerships, directly on the platform. 

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