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Digital News #27 - Look what you missed out in digital

Discover what you may have missed last week in the digital world 


No more cookies for the ad industry

First of all, to understand the importance of that announcement made by Google you have to know what a cookie is. It is a file stored on your computer that holds data about you and allows internet servers to deliver a page tailored for you. It rapidly became the spearhead of the ad industry to target potential consumers in their marketing campaigns. The end of cookies could mean a major shift in online sales strategy.


Facebook is no longer planning to sell ads on WhatsApp

A few months ago, Facebook outlined its plan to sell ads in the messaging platform WhatsApp. It was a controversial decision to say the least, and one that led to the departure of WhatsApp co-founders, Jan Koum et Brian Acton. But according to the Wall Street Journal, those plans have now been scrapped by Facebook, fearing the backlash from users over privacy issues among other things. 


Instagram allows users to send DMs via desktop computers

On Tuesday, the Facebook-owned company said in a press release that it was currently testing direct messaging on desktop platforms. The feature should be identical to its mobile counterpart. This is probably good news for Instagram users. Instagram has not announced when it will be available yet, but we can assume it will take at least several weeks if not months.


You can now earn cryptocurrency while playing video games

As surprising as it sounds, you can now earn cryptocurrencies by playing video games. The new game, Cryptower, is accessible on your internet browser and consists in building or destroying towers at the right time by respecting the principle of the stock exchange. Cryptower works with the Blockchain of Ethereum and smarts contracts.

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