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Digital News #31 - Look what you missed out in digital

Discover what you may have missed last week in the digital world 


WhatsApp reaches 2 billon active users

The messaging application has reached a new user milestone of 2 billion monthly users worldwide. While Messenger is more commonly used in Western markets, WhatsApp is now much larger overall, and continues to gain ground in developing markets.


Apple creates "Quick Look" to enable direct sales in augmented reality

Quick Look enables instant augmented reality experiences at the touch of a button in applications that the user already has. The retailer provides the 3D model and Apple uses a program to make it as it appears in the real world, managing everything from scaling to lighting and shadows. Apple also allows for the addition of a customizable button for the sales that can take the form of a buy button, customer support chat, etc. 


Dating Twitter Advice Bureau

This week, for Valentine's Day, Twitter opened a temporary pop-up store in London called the “Dating Twitter Advice Bureau”. This bureau features the best advice on embarrassing, awkward and unromantic tweeting on Valentine’s Day. The aim is to attract Valentine's Day naysayers while increasing interest in the platform and boosting the content awareness.


Google's A.I. crops a video according to the screen being used

Most videos edited for television are in landscape mode. However, not all screens are suitable for this format. Google has therefore developed an artificial intelligence called Autoflip which intelligently reframes the video so that it is perfectly adapted to the screen used. This AI is fully automated using object detection and tracking technologies that can understand video content. Each shot is analysed before the scene is cropped for an optimal framing.

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