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Digital News #32 - Look what you missed out in digital

Discover what you may have missed last week in the digital world 


Sweden is now testing its digital version of cash, the e-krona

Sweden wants to use this cryptography to simulate daily banking activities such as payments, deposits and withdrawals from a digital wallet. The Riksbank says: "The aim of this project is to show how an electronic krona could be used by the general public". This test will be decisive. It will allow the world to understand how central banks can adapt to a community that is not using paper currency.


Facebook pays users to record their voice

The Social media is determined to improve its voice recognition system with its new program called “pronunciations “. The audio recording will help train Facebook's artificial intelligence to recognize human voices. Each order will have to be recorded twice, the U.S. group said, and each set of recordings will consist of 10 messages and earn 200 points in the Viewpoints application. Facebook allows you to withdraw winnings starting at 1,000 points, which is only $5.


A smartphone that refuses to take selfies with nudity in it

Tone Mobile has created a new system that makes it possible to block the selfie camera when there is too much nudity in it. With this initiative, Tone Mobile hopes to decrease the amount of revenge porn. The target group for this new phone is mainly young people as the blocking function on this phone can be disabled but only by an adult… Will this be the end for revenge porn?


Scientists build miniscule chip to combat fake products

Researchers from MIT have invented a chip that can protect brands against counterfeit. The chip uses terahertz frequencies to send data, this means that there is no need for an external battery. The chips are 1.6 square millimeter, so it will be easy for manufacturers to implement it into their products. 

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