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Digital News #33 - Look what you missed out in digital

Discover what you may have missed last week in the digital world 


Streaming services accounted for nearly 80% of all music revenue in 2019

The share of streaming music services of total music revenues has reached a record amount. Streaming refers to a variety of services: ad-supported services, ad-supported tiers of services, streaming radio services and premium subscription services. In contrast, the revenues physical products, like CDs and vinyl, were down by 0.6% in 2019. 


Amazon opens its first cashier-less grocery store

Amazon is opening its first grocery store to pilot the use of “Just Walk Out” technology. The store will be located in the company’s hometown in Seattle. It will be the biggest Amazon Go Grocery store as it will be 10,400 square feet. The store will now allow customers to buy fresh products, household products and alcohol. 


Can we do without Facebook for just one day?

“A day without Facebook”, is the challenge that has been given to the internet users since 2011. For the creators of this event, the goal was to fight cyber dependence. On a daily basis, 1.66 billion people connect to Facebook and are considered as active users. Facebook has become the empire of social media. 


The esport marketcap should top the billion dollars in 2020

The industry of the esport is in full expansion. According to Newzoo, the revenues of this industry should top up to 1.1 billion dollars, which is an increase of 15.7% in comparison with the previous year. China, without surprise, has the biggest esport market in the world. How long will this growth continue?


No more post-it on your webcam

Jason Mayes got an idea that make it possible not to use a post-it or buying a webcam cache. He created the extension “Disappearing People”. With the help of JavaScript and TensorFlow this extension can recognize people on the move and erase them as soon as they enter the frame, keeping only the background. Is this the end of webcam spying?

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