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Discover what you may have missed last week in the digital world 


Navigation app for the supermarkets

The ShopSafe App works with the same technology as Waze. With ShopSafe you can see on your smartphone how busy it is in the supermarket nearby. Not only handy to know if the products you wanted to buy are still available, but also to avoid long queues - and therefore large groups of people -. With the emergency measures, shopping is a challenge for many people. After all, you want to avoid the hustle and bustle and waiting outside in the cold until you are admitted by security is not ideal either. 


Augmented reality glasses

Chinese start-up Rokid has created a pair of augmented reality goggles using its existing technologies to identify Covid-19 sufferers based on their body temperature. Remote temperature verification could be a valuable aid to government authorities. Offering this technology in a portable (wearable) object makes it all the more practical. 


Lockdown increases downloading

In general, the number of application downloads and sessions has increased since the start of containment. However, this increase does not appear to have had a significant effect on user play times. Mobile gaming is not the only one to benefit from containment. With the introduction of widespread teleworking, a large number of workers have turned to professional applications to continue their work (VPN, video conferencing apps, etc.). The installation of this type of application increased by 70% compared to the previous year and the number of sessions increased by 105%. 


N26 ends up reducing its workforce in the U.S.

This is news that should never have happened at N26, if the COVID-19 crisis had not occurred. N26 confirmed the information through one of its spokespersons. The dismissal of 9 employees would have served to "sustain the company in these uncertain times". It seems that the neo-bank could not bear the lack of federal government support, which led N26 to have to spend much more than it did on its employees in Barcelona or Berlin.  

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