Success story : TUI Belgium

Success story : TUI Belgium

As the biggest travel company in Belgium, TUI Belgium needs a complete overview of what appears in the press.


As the biggest travel company in Belgium, TUI Belgium needs a complete overview of what appears in the press.
For a company like TUI, it is crucial to be informed quickly of what is being said about them, their market or their sector in the press. As a spokesperson, you want and need to be able to react promptly. Every minute counts and Auxipress has understood that.


Besides online and offline press, international press and social media, Auxipress offers audiovisual monitoring. We can monitor national, regional and local television stations and radio stations.

“The fact that you also cover audiovisual content is a huge step forward for TUI Belgium.” – Piet Demeyere

Auxipress also offers its customers an online platform under the name Uniq. Many customers use it every day to check their press articles. Piet Demeyere, Head of External Communications and Spokesperson, highlights the user-friendliness of our dashboards. Uniq is a very handy tool for consulting and looking up articles and audiovisual fragments, but also for composing press reviews.
Another advantage of Uniq is that articles can be saved by theme. This is very helpful if you want to archive certain items. Piet Demeyere told us in this interview that a member of management recently came into his office asking if he could find an article that had been published three weeks ago. A few clicks later, it was all right.

Added Value

Before the cooperation with Auxipress, TUI Belgium had a previous similar partner. The problem was that the articles were automatically selected by a computer system. This is also the case with Auxipress, but we also have our team of readers who double check the articles and audiovisual fragments. At Auxipress, customers only receive relevant information in their mailbox and on Uniq. Receiving only relevant articles for an agreed price is fantastic for TUI!
Thanks to Auxipress, TUI Belgium is better informed about what is happening in the media. They can also better place each medium in the media landscape.
Who are the most important journalists per medium for TUI? What vision do they have? Who would be most suitable for an article on this theme?
Auxipress offers an answer to all these questions. According to Piet Demeyere, Auxipress makes sure that its clients get a more specific, more general, more broad and more complete picture of their brand, market and sector.

“Auxipress is without any doubt very professional.” – Piet Demeyere

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