Audience Insights

Understand your audiences to better tailor and target your messages

Stand out and catch your audience’s attention

  • Which topics are your audiences talking about?
  • Where do the conversations of your audiences take place?
  • Which content (image, text, video, publications) is engaging your community?
  • Who is taking part in these conversations?
  • When is your community most receptive?

Discover your target audiences, build your personas and send relevant communication

  • Identify and understand the characteristics of your target audiences.
  • Make it easier to profile and segment your audiences.
  • Discover how to better engage your audiences and activate your community.
  • See in real-time how your audience is reacting.

Don’t let your audiences miss your next campaigns!

  • Take advantage of ready-to-use reports answering the major strategic and tactical challenges related to your audiences.
  • Make your campaigns more efficient thanks to better targeting and messaging.
  • Turn your audience into a community of ambassadors for your brand.
  • Impress your audiences with communications that are inspired by listening to your communities.