Influencer Detection

Identify the influencers who will boost your brand's visibility.

Identify the RIGHT influencers for your brand

  • Which influencers will best convey your message?
  • Which influencers will best match with your audience?
  • What are the relevant criteria to choose your influencers?

Find the influencers you need

  • Uncover a series of relevant influencers for your brand on their favorite social media.
  • Take advantage of an in-depth analysis of influencers selected by our experts based on your objectives.
  • Discover the performances of these influencers through a series of key performance indicators.

Reach your communication goals with influence marketing

With the support of relevant influencers:

  • You create an additional opportunity to relay your messages.
  • You reach a target audience receptive to your message thanks to a trusted contact.
  • You reach an audience that you would not be able to reach otherwise.
  • You recruit new ambassadors for your brand.