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Why Auxipress?
Auxipress is a media intelligence company, specializing in the monitoring and analysis of brands’ media coverage, public impact and online conversations.
In today's rapidly evolving markets, brand competition is fierce, and audience dynamics are ever-shifting. Attention is the new currency, while media channels diversify, complicating audience targeting.

Your brand, a valuable business asset, faces unprecedented challenges and exposure. At Auxipress, we staunchly believe in the immense growth potential of brands.
We offer comprehensive solutions, safeguarding your brand, aiding informed decisions, decoding audience insights, mastering media landscapes, and navigating societal shifts.

Our Universal Insights platform, a future-proof, all-encompassing solution, ensures your brand stays constantly aware of its evolving surroundings.

How Media Intelligence Empowers Brands

Optimize your media coverage, craft impactful strategies, evolve with confidence, and find inspiration. With our expertise, we are here to enhance your influence and maximize your impact in the media landscape. Make Media Intelligence a key asset for your success.


Protect your brand
Turn risks into opportunities


Make informed decisions
Inform your teams and provide the right information at the right time


Take your brand to the next level
Measure the impact of your campaigns and optimize future actions


Unlock the potential of your brand.
Feed yourself with trends, influencers and knowledge of your audience

A holistic view

Auxipress offers a comprehensive perspective, delivering insights into today's media trends and tomorrow's attention-grabbers. Elevate your brand's presence, impact, and audience engagement with carefully curated news, informative dashboards, and actionable insights to guide your daily decisions effectively.

Your Competitive Edge

Every day, Auxipress scans media across channels, offering tailored analyses to help brands market themselves effectively. We design strategies to protect your reputation, inform decisions, understand audiences, and maximize market trends. Want to learn more?

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