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Your cockpit of market reactions

One single platform to manage all your reputation indicators in real-time

Ultra-connectivity has transformed our behavior and our habits. Consumers express themselves on social networks and are active stakeholders. Meanwhile, media have adjusted to the digital world using new formats and communication channels. Each one amplifies the spread of conversations impacting reputation and audiences.

A powerful brand management tool for every strategic thinker

In just a few clicks, you discover a cross-media overview of your relevant social and media content. As a strategic thinker, you will find all key indicators you need, such as engagement, reach, influencers, topics, and detailed analytics… with reports and dashboards at your fingertips.

Whether your marketing and communications use cases are simple or very complicated…

We have a licence for each type of entreprise.


An expert for each team.

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Our deliverables

Your analytics

Navigate your content and key indicators to nurture your marketing decisions and ace your next communication campaign.

Your dashboards

Access preset dashboards based on the most common use cases. Create your own personalized dashboards according to your needs and challenges, and focus on the topics that matter to you.

Your reports

Configure your reports so you regularly receive clear data about the visibility of your brand, your product, or your campaign in the media. Turn your dashboards into reports to send them to the relevant stakeholders within your company.

Your alerts

Determine the exact triggers for your alerts to keep you informed at all times of relevant information. Identify the first signs of a crisis and act accordingly, both internally and externally.

Our use cases

Monitor your brand across all media and never miss a single mention again. Visualize your brand’s media presence clearly and efficiently.

Measure the impact of your campaigns in the media and on social networks. Monitor the conversations and reactions to your marketing efforts.

Identify crises as soon as they start to develop and get the key information to stay in control.

Visualize the trends that shape your industry today and impact your brand tomorrow. Be the first one to discern them and stay ahead of your competitors!

Analyze your competitors’ strategies and adjust your course of action accordingly to optimize your share of voice.

Measure the impact of your brand and value your presence in the media with the Advertising Value Equivalency.

Measure and compare your brand performances on social media. Let your competitors’ social media strategies inspire you.

Identify key opinion leaders for your brand. Find the influencers you need to and how to activate them to achieve your objectives.

Understand the context and the trends that underlie the conversations of your audiences.

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