Reputation Management Report

Measure the reputation of your brand

Do you want to understand, analyze and improve the perception of your brand in the media?

  • Wondering how much your or your customers brand received compared to the previous period (month, trimester, semester, year, etc.)?
  • What is the value of this media exposure in terms of Advertising Value Equivalency?
  • What was the most covered topic?
  • What is the sentiment associated to your brand or your customers’ brands in the media?

The Reputation Management Report answers all your questions

We analyze your media coverage and reputation in a comprehensive report analyzing the tone of the messages sent about your brand through a series of criteria:

  • Volume
  • Audience
  • AVE
  • Language
  • Type of media
  • Topics
  • Journalists
  • Etc.

Download your example

Solution : Reputation Management Report (FR)

Support your decision making with the Reputation Management Report

  • Receive all the information you need to evaluate your PR initiatives, measure your return on investment and your brand or client reputation.
  • Have everything you need to improve your brand’s performance in the media.
  • Receive your reports quickly, in a clear, neat and ready-to-use format.