Market Intelligence

Your unique source of information about what is going on among your competitors and within your market

Are you looking for new opportunities or do you wish to mitigate risks?

  • Do you have the impression that important news or market trends pass you by, despite your efforts to stay in the loop?
  • Are you losing a lot of time reading reports and newsletters, but are you still not sure that you are informed of what really matters?
  • Are your teams not always aware of the latest market trends, which impacts their capacity to make informed decisions?

Master your Market with our Market Intelligence !

Our Market Intelligence solutions keep you appraised of crucial market information, which you can share internally!

We collect all information about your market, your competitors, legislation, new products, marketing and other campaigns, clearly and efficiently.

Our Market Intelligence deliverables

Our Market Intelligence solutions are tailored to your needs. Whether you want detailed information or a short summary, daily or weekly deliveries, editorial content or not, a report or a platform… we have exactly what you need!

Market Intelligence Report


  • The most important information summarized
  • Access to articles for more depth
  • Weekly or monthly deliveries
  • Information structured per category (trends within the industry, competition, products, legislation, etc.)
  • A deliverable tailored to your needs

News Summaries


  • All the market news editorially summarized
  • All the information in a single document
  • A daily summary of the most important market information
  • Sources mentioned for each item
  • A deliverable tailored to your needs

Make better informed business decisions with Market Intelligence!

Us the information about your market to make better informed decisions. Keep all your teams appraised of the latest strategies within your industry and start conversations about possible opportunities.

Seize your opportunities and anticipate the risks you detect.