Arnaud Steinkuhler

Chief executive officer (CEO)

Our partners

We aim to meet all your challenges with ease. Based on your needs, we offer you a unique solution. How do we do this? By maintaining close ties with a network of partners to offer you all the benefits of data and the latest technologies.

Empowering Brands Through Strategic Partnerships

By being part of various associations and strategic alliances, we have a global view of what is happening in the world, from media monitoring (FIBEP) to research (AMEC) and media intelligence (GMI Alliance).

Technology and data are essential for brands. Our mission is to make them accessible and usable. We master the technologies that impact our clients and ensure that they are compatible with the main CRM technologies.

To provide you with a complete service, we partner with other PR, public affairs, media and digital agencies. They intervene at key moments of your projects to ensure their success.

qui sont nos partenaires, comment s'entourer de bons partenaires, gérer ses stakeholders, parties prenantes

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