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Auxipress is a media intelligence company, specializing in the monitoring and analysis of brands' media coverage, public impact and online conversations.

Mastering Media Trends for Brand Success

We provide you with an unparalleled overview of what's setting the media agenda today and attracting attention tomorrow. Increase your brand's awareness, influence and interest among your audiences and get selected and relevant news, dashboards and insights to make the right decisions every day.

Empowering Your Brand with Cutting-Edge Technology

We harness cutting-edge technologies such as AI, automation, API integration, and image recognition to provide you with the utmost value efficiently. Our analysis transforms the data we collect into informed decision-making tools. Each expert in our team specializes in their field, translating this wealth of data into practical, relevant advice. Our passionate, multilingual team is dedicated to going the extra mile to supercharge your brand.

Media Monitoring in Belgium and Luxemburg

In Belgium and Luxemburg, nothing escapes our attention. We monitor all media, from online and print media to radio, television and, of course, social networks. We go even further by maintaining close contact with international peers, which allows us to cover more than 147 countries worldwide.

Our story


We move to our larger and more modern offices at the S25.


We are redesigning our services to give your brand even more impact.


This year marks 100 years of developing innovative solutions to unlock your brand's potential.


Launch of our AuxiAlert App and Uniq platform.


Creation of the GMI: Five European players, leaders in the media intelligence market, join Auxipress in a strategic alliance to strengthen their international reach and become a major partnership with key international accounts.


Launch of our first web platform


Press monitoring is done 100% digitally.


Integration of websites with monitored media.


Launch of the Morning Info service, the first digitalization experiment in Belgium.


Acquisition of "Auxiliaire de la Presse" by Joachim von Beust (father). In the same year, Joachim von Beust (son) becomes the managing director of the company. The name "Auxiliaire de la Presse" becomes "Auxipress".


Creation of the company "Auxiliaire de la Presse".

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