Reputation Management Report

Measure the reputation of your brand

Understand, analyze and improve the perception of your brand in the media

  • Find out how visible your brand or your customer’s brand was in the media compared to the previous period (month, trimester, semester, year, etc.)
  • Measure the value of this media exposure in terms of Advertising Value Equivalency
  • Identify the most covered topic
  • Map the sentiment associated with your brand in the media

The Reputation Management Report answers all your questions

We analyze your media coverage and reputation in a comprehensive report analyzing the tone of the messages sent about your brand through a series of criteria:

  • Volume
  • Audience
  • AVE
  • Language
  • Type of media
  • Topics
  • Journalists
  • Etc.

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Solution : Reputation Management Report (FR)

Support your decision making with the Reputation Management Report

  • Receive all the information you need to evaluate your PR initiatives, measure your return on investment and your brand or client reputation.
  • Have everything you need to improve your brand’s performance in the media.
  • Receive your reports quickly, in a clear, neat and ready-to-use format.