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Auxipress in brief

Auxipress is a company specialised in media monitoring and analysis and their impact on the audiences. Auxipress helps communication and marketing professionals master and strengthen their brands’ leadership by gathering all the relevant multimedia information. Auxipress’ Analytics & Insights department’s extensive range of monitoring solutions and professional advice help optimise the clients’ strategic decisions. 

Auxipress was founded in 1919 under the name “Auxiliaire de la Presse”. At that time, its business could be summarised as providing some press clippings to artists and public personalities. Auxipress was the first enterprise in Belgium specialised in the monitoring of Belgian newspapers and magazines chiefly focused on the political, cultural and artistic sectors.

Many famous Belgian people (such as Magritte, Jacques Brel, Hergé, Paul-Henri Spaak and Cools) were among Auxipress’ client database. These were the early days of a profession which diversified over time.

Auxipress at the heart of a brand’s ecosystem

  • We track and analyse a brand within its 360° ecosystem.
  • Its context: organisation, products, events, ambassadors, influencers.
  • Its economic, political, societal, competitive and technological environment.
  • Its stakeholders: market, products, clients, audience, partners, competitors.
  • Its trends: short and medium term, benchmarks, anticipation.
  • Media agenda and brand-related topics.
  • Its areas of interest: Brand audiences and their areas of interest.

We monitor a wide range of media outlets

  • All the news: Written press, online press, radio, television, social media.
  • All territories: Core activities in the Benelux, rest of Europe via GMI, rest of the world as member of FIBEP.

Our values


  • Passion for media and brands, passion for our trade. It inspires us day in day out. We share this passion with our clients.


  • Independently shouldering our responsibilities. Each Auxipress collaborator, regardless of their function, takes their responsibility and ensures that the commitments to clients and partners are met.


  • Auxipress staff always goes the extra mile, which entails that great discipline is required when performing tasks and working in team.
  • Self-respect as well as respect for others


Innovation is part of Auxipress’ DNA. Each collaborator partakes in this process. 
Auxipress encourages innovation as part of project leadership enabling everyone to make proposals and take initiatives.
Auxipress keeps up with the most recent trends by paying attention to the evolution of usage patterns and closely following the technological innovations.


  • One of Auxipress’ main challenges is to develop and maintain its ability to continuously adapt to new realities.
  • The company’s governance attaches great importance to flexibility: Most projects are conducted in Agile mode.


  • Communication to facilitate information sharing and collaborative work.
  • Communication to better anticipate what is coming.
  • Communication to boost motivation and foster commitment to the enterprise’s projects.
  • to efficiently champion the organisation’s core values.

Company history

1919 – Foundation of “Auxiliaire de la Presse”

1973 - Foundation of Euro Argus (sister company specialised in the monitoring and analysis of the international press). In the 1970s, the offer was expanded to meet the growing and more diverse expectations of the clients in several areas such as the economic world.

1978 – Takeover of “Auxiliaire de la Presse” by Joachim von Beust (sr). In the same year, Joachim von Beust (jr) becomes CEO. The company undergoes a name change into Auxipress. 

1993 – The Morning Info service is launched. In 1997, competitor Clipco is taken over. The operation helps Auxipress broaden its monitoring activities to the radio and TV sectors.

1998 – The Analysis service is launched. A cooperation with Agence France Presse begins.

2003 – Online publications are added to the monitoring portfolio

2006 – Auxipress’ production system is fully digitised

2007 – Launch of Auxipress’ electronic platform. Clients can access articles and audio-visual fragments on the platform 

2008 – The electronic platform is a resounding success. Complementary tools are developed such as mobile support on iPods, iPhones and Pocket PCs 

2009 – New features are added to the electronic platform 

2015 – GMI is founded: Seven media intelligence leaders form an alliance to reinforce their global cooperation. The founding members are: Acceso (Spain), Up2News (France), L’Eco della Stampa (Italy), Pressdata (Great Britain), Pressrelations (Germany), Ornico (Africa) et Auxipress (Belgique)

2016 - AuxiAlert app sees the light of day

2017 – A new Analysis & Insights offer is launched, enabling trend and predictive analyses of brands in a market content. Uniq platform is presented

2019 – Auxipress turns 100

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