Data Marketing Account Strategist


Auxipress is the leader in media monitoring and data analysis in Belgium. We provide brand intelligence solutions to enable companies to know their media impact, improve their image evolution, or benchmark their image with competitors. Thanks to the right mix between expertise and smart algorithms, we give sens to media and help companies to reach their strategical goals.

We are a company on a human scale, run by experts who love their job and who like to share their knowledge among colleagues. We work together with the same objective: to make Auxipress evolve in the world of data and ever new technologies. What do our colleagues at Auxipress say? “A complete onboarding” “One big family!” “A super caring environment” “Flexible and responsive” Don’t hesitate to ask them !

We learn from our new talents and their new ideas.

We work… but we also enjoy the off moments together: 3 big events per year, 1 monthly sports event, 1 monthly themed lunch, 1 monthly e-learning lunch, …

The challenge facing companies today 

Companies are still struggling to measure the effectiveness of all their marketing channels, with data spread across numerous tools and departments. The challenge today is to be able to offer our customers and their marketing departments a holistic view of all their marketing activation (Owned Media, Earned Media, Paid Media) so that they can optimise their budget and investment and achieve the best marketing performance in a data-driven way.

Your role 

As a specialist in data, marketing and MarTech solutions, you will be in charge of a new activity within our company aimed at developing new sources of revenue by drawing on in-house skills, current tools and solutions, while innovating and integrating new methodologies, data and tools from the market.

The aim is to help our customers measure the overall performance of their marketing activities.

As Data Marketing Account Strategist for our Marketing Consultancy business, you will be responsible for defining new solutions while at the same time supporting our key client accounts to offer them new approaches: from collecting all the relevant data to defining marketing strategies based on this data.

Key responsibilities:

  • Client Account Management: Managing and maintaining key account relationships, supporting our main point of contact and understanding our clients’ marketing objectives.
  • Data marketing consultancy: providing advice on how to collect data around our clients’ marketing campaigns
  • Marketing data collection: deploying a suite of tools to centralise our clients’ marketing data and perform the appropriate data transformations and analyses
  • Data analysis: carrying out in-depth analysis of this data to identify opportunities and insights for each customer and respond to their challenges
  • Marketing strategy: supporting our customers in their marketing strategy on the basis of the data collected and the insights gained.
  • Reporting and presentations: Prepare regular performance reports for clients and present results and recommendations clearly and convincingly.
  • Internal coordination: Collaborate with internal Auxipress teams, such as data analysts, solution experts, Tech teams, to implement solutions for our clients.


Skills required:

  • Data analysis expertise: Excellent command of data analysis and visualization tools, as well as the ability to interpret results.
  • In-depth marketing knowledge: Thorough understanding of marketing principles, including digital marketing, content marketing, etc.
  • Communication and customer relations skills: Excellent communication skills to maintain strong relationships with customers and explain technical concepts clearly.
  • Project management: Ability to effectively manage several customer accounts simultaneously.
  • Initiative: Ability to proactively identify improvement opportunities for customers.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: Ability to develop new service offers with the ambition of creating new revenue lines and new sustainable activities within an organization.



  • A degree in marketing, statistics, data analysis or a related field.
  • Previous experience in marketing consulting or a marketing agency.
  • Experience working with customers and managing accounts.
  • Knowledge of “MarTech” tools (e.g. Google analytics, Google data Studio, Hootsuite, Facelift, Sprout social, CIM, Snowflake, Nielsen, CRM tools, newsletterring tools, Google ads, Facebook/Twitter/Instagram…Audience Insights tools).