Social Proof : The Art Of Using What People Say About You

Social Proof : The Art Of Using What People Say About You

Let's face it - we are always prone to entering in restaurants that are more crowded and believe that they serve better food than ones that are empty. Same goes with public events, places - but even people. The science behind this thinking is known as 'social proof' and the different types of emotions and prejudgments are labelled as 'social proof'.

What is social proof and how is it used?

Now, we all know that it’s not right to always base our decisions on perceptions. Yet, we do form decisions based on our perceptions most of the time. It’s simply what the majority of people does and how today’s reality functions.


Have you ever wondered what does it take to look at the other side of the coin? In other words, how can you use these social proof instead of abusing them?

The truth is, you definitely can use social proof in a whole new way. In fact, chances are that they have been already used against you and your way of thinking – mostly by the media, PR and entertainment industries.

Take the word from an ‘expert in the field’ for example. Or maybe a ‘celebrity’. Better yet, the ‘average user’ or the ‘wisdom of your friends’. All of them are groups of people who are modelled to think in the same way, share their success stories and most importantly, create an ideology for you to follow.

How to take advantage of social proof and use it to promote your company?

There are lots of ways to use social proof and instil trust towards your audience – but also help your visitors convert into customers. The main thing you need to do is provide value, but provide it in a special way.

Or, a variety of ways such as:

  • Product reviews – if you are selling products, make sure to go in detail when reviewing them and show every benefit to your audience
  • Test results – Test your product against different conditions and show the conclusion in a detailed way.
  • Videos – Hire a professional videographer to document your product/service in a unique way. When done right, professional videos leave a great impression and are one social proof you can make most of.
  • Testimonials – Get your actual customers to say something about the products or services that you offer. Then, post those honest reviews on your website or just near the call-to-action to instil trust in your buyers.
  • Influencer endorsements – Get a reputable person in your industry and pay them or give them a free trial of your product or service – just so they review it and post it on their blog. This technique is called making use of social proof through influencer marketing.
  • Promotional materials – Print out logo badges, flyers and posters to spread the awareness about your brand and its promotions and campaigns.
  • Subscriber counts – Don’t be afraid to show your audience how big your follower base is – on every social network. Showing that you have a community of people following you is one great social proof.

So, what stops you from using social proof as your go-to strategy from now on?


Make sure to use them effectively and capture your visitors – starting today!

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