Your cockpit of market reactions

A unique platform to manage all your reputation indicators in real-time

Ultra-connectivity has transformed our behavior and habits. Consumers express themselves on social networks and are active stakeholders. Meanwhile, media have adjusted to the digital world using new formats and channels. Each one amplifies the spread of conversations impacting reputation and audiences.

Todayit is essential to have a high-performance tool that aggregates all strategic brand perception indicators in real-time and delivers clear-cut expertise on market reactions.

A decisive brand management tool for every strategic thinker. 

In just a few clicks you discover a cross-media overview of your relevant social and media content. As a strategic thinkeryou will find all key indicators you need such as engagement, reachinfluencers, topics and detailed analyticswith reports and dashboards at your fingertips.

Cross-media platform

Universal Insights is a cross-media platform. It takes both on- and offline media into account. From print press, radio and tv to social media, online news, forums, blogs etc. It converges earned, paid and owned media.

Real-Time data

All the information you need in real-time that combines editorial and user-generated content offering effective warning systems. 

Get access to dashboard fed with filtered data in real-time and generate automated reports giving you time for strategic decisions.

Dashboards & reports

Get access to a comprehensive, flexible, customizable set of dynamic dashboards that will facilitate marketing, PR and advertising decisions.

Universal Insights allows you to inject other indicators such as consumer satisfaction index, sales figures etc. 

All your KPIs

Identify your brand position and compare your brand to your competitors’, follow your ambassadors and influencers…

Keep an eye on actual trends, anticipate and detect crisis situations by tracking your buzz and audience. 

Manage all your reputation indicators on a single platform.

And of course, a dedicated team at your service

A personalized service thanks to our team of experts and actionable recommendations.