Success story : SD Worx

Success story : SD Worx

SD Worx offers a comprehensive service in the field of payroll, HR administration, remuneration, talent management and smart deployment of employees.


As a market leader in Belgium and in the top 3 players in Europe, it is crucial for SD Worx to be able to measure and analyze the results of its public relations activities. The more a company knows what kind of messages the media are picking up, the easier it is to further fine-tune its communications strategy.


In addition to online and offline press, radio, television and social media, Auxipress pays huge attention to international news channels. Moreover, we are active in no less than 147 countries. This last point is essential for SD Worx as they are very active internationally. Auxipress takes care of the media monitoring of their PR activities in various countries, including Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom.
Auxipress also helps its clients to formulate answers to several questions regarding media coverage, media landscape, reach, ad value, audience, etc. All these data make it possible to obtain a complete overview of a company’s PR activities. With such a complete report, it is then easier to demonstrate internally that investing in marketing, communication and/or public relations activities is a must!

“Auxipress literally shows us the results of our hard work. We can create clear reports ourselves and we can do this on an international scale. They are an essential partner in our successful PR.” – Pieter Goetgebuer

What was also very interesting to hear is that SD Worx uses our services and data for their internal communications. They regularly share the results of their PR activities on their internal platform. That way all colleagues, including the many specialists within the company who are frequently consulted by the press, get the chance to see the results of their hard work. Recognition and appreciation are a boost for well-being in the workplace!
Furthermore, Auxipress is not standing still. Pieter from SD Worx told us during this interview that they also really appreciate the fact that Auxipress is constantly developing. We are constantly trying to switch to the latest technologies in order to provide an even better service to our clients.

Added Value

According to Pieter Goetgebuer, PR & Corp. Communication Manager SD Worx , the biggest advantage of working with Auxipress is that they can do everything themselves, from starting up comprehensive monitoring to performing analyses. It is very convenient to be able to work with a single partner for all these applications.

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