Can Corporate Communication Change the World for the Better?

Can Corporate Communication Change the World for the Better?

As another eventful year is slowly coming to a close, C Square hosted a thought-provoking panel discussion at the Corporate Communication Summit on November 23.

The central question: Can corporate communication be a catalyst for positive global change? Auxipress certainly thinks so, as we make it our business to know exactly what is being said by anyone about anything, and how all these conversations are shaping the world.

The panel delved into the future of corporate communications and the challenges that lie ahead. Annick Boyen, Unilever‘s VP of Communications, emphasized the responsibility of communications in bringing external perspectives into the boardroom, especially “when it hurts”. Paul Gérard, Editor-in-Chief of L’Echo, added that conversely, corporate leaders must provide communication managers with enough information and independence to answer questions about the company they represent. In an interconnected world, attempts to shield the boardroom from the outside world are increasingly futile.

The integration of generative AI into corporate communication was discussed by KU Leuven Professor Brahim Zarouali. Personalized messaging and early trend detection are only two examples of how AI technology helps communicators to stay ahead in a world where multiple stakeholder groups pick up corporate messages simultaneously. Economics Professor Bruno Colmant noted a shift in the role of corporate communications, propelled by the rise of AI. Transparency, he argued, would become the norm, making the withholding of information obsolete.

Paul Gérard agreed with this increasing need for openness, correctness, factual precision, and the acknowledgment that a company does not dictate its narrative alone. Bruno Colmant echoed the financial implications for companies falling short on regulatory compliance or inadequate communication about their social and environmental responsibility. Access to financing, he cautioned, increasingly hinges on this compliance and the transparency about it—a compelling reason for businesses to take their communication seriously.

Amid these valuable insights, the Auxipress delegation mainly felt confirmed in its own mission—comprehensive media monitoring and analysis are pivotal in navigating the challenges ahead in corporate communication. Media Intelligence can serve as a compass, helping brands and organizations manage their narrative across channels and audiences, and contribute to a world that is better, safer, and healthier. Together, let’s embrace these challenges, adapt to change, and contribute to a better future.

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