PR and communication agency Comm2You returns to the essence

PR and communication agency Comm2You returns to the essence

Recently, Joachim Deman and Arno Creve paid us a visit. We discussed their boutique PR and communication agency, AI, and the essence of journalistic PR.

Comm2You has been active for a year and a half and can boast clients such as DELA, Acerta, vdk bank, and Mensura. Sub-brand Comm2Sports focuses on the sports sector, working for organizations like the Flemish Sports Federation, Voetbal Vlaanderen, and Badminton Vlaanderen. Another subspecialization may be added soon. Comm2You handles communication for SMEs, large companies, and NGOs, but that does not mean they accept every assignment.

How do you distinguish yourselves from other PR agencies?

Joachim Deman, Managing Director: At Comm2You, we aim to stand out with our specialization in Journalistic PR. We approach communication like a journalist and editorial team would. This ensures our communications have a chance of being featured in the press. We also differentiate ourselves budget-wise, as we only take on communications with a realistic chance of success.

Together with partners Arno Creve, Bert Bouserie, and Joost Freys, I am proud of our rapid growth in this short period of time. However, we consciously choose to remain a small boutique agency, exclusively staffed with senior profiles. Quick, personal, and straightforward communication advice: that’s our hallmark of quality.

What do you consider the biggest challenges in PR today?

Sometimes, the essence gets lost. We don’t aim to be an all-encompassing 360° in-house agency; we focus on our specialization and expertise. For other tasks, such as crafting creative marketing campaigns or producing compelling visual content, we prefer to collaborate with strong partners. The essence is qualitative PR: telling good societal stories is key. That’s where the added value lies.

How can Media Intelligence help in this regard?

It’s useful to know which topics are currently in the media spotlight. We don’t want to steer our clients based on guesswork but on data. Auxipress has an excellent reputation in this regard. We’ve all worked with you in the past. Auxipress is a name that’s impossible to ignore in monitoring.

How do you envision the future of PR?

Knowledge is power. Society is becoming better and better at it. Technologies are advancing faster than ever. AI isn’t flawless yet, but it will only improve, which is exciting. There are huge opportunities, including in monitoring and positioning a company in the media. However, the decision on which action to take based on that data still needs to be made by humans. AI is far from making that decision for us anytime soon.

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