Our story: Radio and TV Monitoring

Our story: Radio and TV Monitoring

Has learning more about our print monitoring system ignited your passion for Media Intelligence yet? Well, here's chapter two of our story: today we delve into the history of our radio and television (RTV) monitoring.

In addition to print media, Auxipress has also been monitoring radio and television news broadcasts since the late 90s. Like print media monitoring, it has changed significantly over time.

Action! And... cut!

Just 20 years ago, a room filled with VCRs recording all television news programs was set up in our office. There were fewer channels to record and analyse back then, but it took a lot more time for our operators. Our colleagues had to watch these programs from beginning to end, manually select, and cut out the segments relevant to clients. As the team had only 6 members, the number of programs they could analyse was limited.

An alert? Take your time...

For radio and television news programs, a complete summary was to be prepared every day. Every time the customer was mentioned, they were informed the next day and could request to receive the tape with the relevant excerpt. As soon as we received their order, the tape was sent by mail. This entire process could take up to a week. The excerpts were stored in an archive for one month. After this period, they were reused to record the new programs for the following month. The database was maintained manually. It was much slower than in our digital age, what a loooooong process!

And now?

The digitization of radio and television monitoring has kept pace with the times, but until 2015, summaries of excerpts were still written by hand. Since then, manual summaries disappeared, and we incorporated a voice recognition system with alerts, allowing easy detection of customer mentions. Added to this technology is a layer of human expertise that checks each excerpt one by one to ensure that the ones selected are indeed relevant.

The voice recognition system is 96% reliable. Our experts are there to ensure the other 4%. For example, voice recognition technology may recognize a brand mention in an advertisement, which is not considered a relevant excerpt. Our specialists will notice this and remove it. If, on the other hand, it is relevant, it is validated and sent to the clients, like print media, with the source, journalist, excerpt duration, etc.

Full speed ahead to the future!

In 20 years of technological innovation, the world has changed significantly, and Auxipress operations have managed to keep up. Now, everything happens much more quickly. The relevant excerpts are sent to the client 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Nowadays, Auxipress monitors between 300 and 350 programs per week. That’s about 100 hours of viewing/listening per day, which is still a huge task for our operators!

Like print and web media monitoring, Radio and TV monitoring operators also use artificial intelligence to refine their selections. This use of AI aligns with our belief that the best way to harness the wealth of information we gather lies in hybrid intelligence, meaning a blend of technology and human expertise. Armed with cutting-edge technology, our experts will continue to ensure our leadership in media intelligence in the future.

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