Success Story: AG Insurance

Success Story: AG Insurance

From car or fire insurance to pension insurance and healthcare, as well as numerous investments in the Belgian economy... AG Insurance is a versatile company with around 3 million customers, 4,300 employees, and 5,000 distribution partners. Lars Vervoort, Head of Press & External Communications at AG, briefly shared his experience with Auxipress.

What challenges did you face before our collaboration?

“Before our collaboration with Auxipress, AG Insurance did not have the necessary tools to quickly track our media presence. For a large company like AG, it is essential to be constantly informed, 24/7, about what is being reported about us in the media.”

A fast and accurate media monitoring system to inform our press service of new articles mentioning AG was therefore necessary to stay vigilant, react quickly if necessary, and inform management quickly and efficiently.

“AG’s needs have evolved over the years. In addition to traditional press monitoring, we also needed analyses: monthly reports, studies on specific topics, competitive analyses, etc.”

What solutions convinced you?

“We now receive updates several times a day on what is being reported in the press in the form of articles and excerpts. The way you send them to us shows real flexibility.

In addition, AG uses a multifunctional CRM system. You have managed to integrate it with this system, and all articles and excerpts are automatically uploaded there. This all-in-one solution is very practical.”

AG also receives a monthly report on its press presence to track KPIs and increase internal awareness at AG.

“How often does AG appear in the press? In what way? What are the results of AG’s employees’ work? This report connects articles, excerpts, and statistics. It is a tool that allows us to track the results we achieve as a department.”

AG also occasionally uses our services for studies on specific topics.

“How have our competitors approached this topic? Have they reached their target audience? Have we been successful? What are the areas for improvement? You help us answer these questions. Such a study aims to measure, objectify, and improve.”

What is the added value of our collaboration for AG?

Thanks to our collaboration, AG has been able to accurately determine its presence in the press: “AG now follows the news live. This allows us to act quickly if necessary and stay constantly updated thanks to multiple deliveries of articles and audiovisual fragments throughout the day.” The precise analyses have also enabled AG to measure and evaluate its performance punctually compared to its competitors. Lars Vervoort emphasizes that Auxipress’ accuracy, speed of delivery, flexibility, and responsiveness form a package that perfectly meets AG’s needs.

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