White Paper – State of PR 2020

White Paper – State of PR 2020

Is PR part of marketing, digital or SEO activities? Do PR professionals also need to know how to manage social media and influence marketing? How do you prove the value of PR? The boundaries between PR, marketing, social media and digital are becoming increasingly blurred.

Auxipress in partnership with Talkwalker use their strong industry expertise to provide an objective insight into the role of PR in the world. This report highlights how PR and marketing communications professionals define their roles, measure their success and use the tools at their disposal.

Through a partnership with market research and data analysis company YouGov, we were able to collect data from Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North America. This comprehensive report represents a global view of today’s industry and highlights areas where the geographic maturity of PR could represent a competitive advantage for our readers.

Our main areas of study focus on: how the industry is perceived by region, and how this field of activity is integrated within organizations. We have also studied how PR professionals use web and social media monitoring and analysis tools in their work and the metrics they measure and analyze on a daily basis.

Influencer marketing is a key strategy for marketers today. Therefore, we asked our survey respondents about the ways they collaborate with influencers, their selection criteria, their profiles, and the metrics put in place to measure the ROI of these activities.

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