Five Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Five Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Over the years, content marketing has evolved significantly to become an essential part of marketing strategies for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Shrewd content marketers have been able to understand that they must be creative, vibrant in their content production, and keen in their marketing strategies.

To get closer to your online audience and offer both your present and potential clients what they really want, it is compulsory to get them engaged by creating interesting contents. The following are a couple of tips to help in improving your content, optimizing its delivery and your return on investment.

Think past only a blog

The blog is no longer the only weapon of content marketing. Many other types of content have emerged, such as e-books, infographics, offering online courses, vlogs, podcasts, and all of those can blend into your strategy. Do not hesitate to juggle the different media, keeping in mind that the most important thing is to understand the needs of your audience and to share quality content that gives value to your audience and meets its expectations. The blog is a powerful tool to establish your credibility and improve your SEO, but coupled with other forms of content, it can be formidable in terms of effectiveness.

Budget Wisely

Content marketing is expensive. Regardless of whether you are putting your energy and time into its growth and development, or even if you are outsourcing your content creation, content marketing will cost you both time and energy. As a result of this, take a thorough look at your analytics: which will allow you to readjust your strategy to achieve better results. Evaluating the performance of your content involves knowing the percentage of sales generated by your marketing actions however do not forget that content marketing plays a special role at each stage of the buying process. Depending on your goals, here are some data that you can consider in your analysis: the traffic generated by the keywords, the number of visits of the website or shares on social networks, the time spent on the website, or the number of pages viewed, etc.

Dedicate your time, money, and effort toward the strategies which are productive. If you can distinguish, through the data collected, the currently working strategies, try as much as possible to concentrate on improving those. Some content works better depending on the industry. For example, we see that tutorials are the most shared format in the automotive industry, which is linked to the highly technical nature of the subjects covered. Brands in this industry, therefore, have everything to gain by producing this type of format. When a type of content generates more visits to your website or sales than any other form of content, it is appropriate to invest more resources in the production of this format, sometimes even to the detriment of other types called “less profitable”.

Set realistic goals

If you are still unable to decide on what you stand to achieve with your content marketing, it will be impossible for you to accomplish anything out of your content marketing campaigns. In the wake of narrowing your concentration to a couple of channels (for example, your blog, website, or YouTube channel), take a look at your current analytics. These will help you optimize your production efforts and thus set a realistic goal.

It is therefore essential to establish a strategy with well-defined objectives before starting each campaign. Depending on these, whether it is developing the visibility of your brand, expanding your community on social networks, or reaching a new audience, determine the right KPIs that will allow you to measure your progress and your efforts in terms of marketing content.


Furthermore, figure out what actions are required of you to be accomplished on a daily or weekly basis which will assist you in achieving your monthly or yearly milestone. You always can conform your objectives as required, as they continue to evolve over time. Thanks to the data collected, you have the possibility of adapting your objectives in relation to your previous results: for example, you have had unexpected success with your brand’s blog, you know that you can raise the bar in terms of objective for this type of medium. Also, writing down your goals is a first step towards success, because it allows you to visualize where you want to go in terms of accomplishment. Breaking down your annual goals into quarterly or even monthly goals can also help you achieve them better.

Diversify your online marketing

Content marketing is an incredible way to grow your business: it can produce amazing results. However, it’s best not to put all your eggs in one basket. Therefore, diversification is still necessary. Let’s take the example of the podcast: thanks to your podcasts your company is starting to gain notoriety – that’s very good, but nothing prevents you from transcribing your episodes into blog articles and creating clips extracted from your episodes for your social networks. This will allow you to strengthen your presence, because part of your audience may not listen to podcasts and learn about your business only through social networks. Varying the content allows you to reach a wider audience.

Connect With Your Audience

Finally, the best way to really give your target audience the type of content they want is to ask them, to connect with them. Feel free to engage with it, to interact. Request for feedback, criticism, and their opinion and suggestions. Focus on the remarks and inquiries you get. What content does your audience like the most? What content makes your audience want to interact with your brand? Your audience is a great source of information: focus on the remarks and inquiries you get to be in a constant process of improvement. Your content will be more consumed if you can understand the needs and expectations of your audience.

Content marketing practices are always evolving. It is essential to keep up to date with new formats and trends, to remain flexible and open to change. From time to time, considering your results, reevaluate your content marketing strategies. Modify your approach if need be. By following all the tips mentioned above, you will be making the most of your content marketing strategies.

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