Success story : Jaguar – Land rover

Success story : Jaguar – Land rover

Jaguar is one of the largest and best-known car manufacturers, specialised in the production of luxury and sport cars. Annick Van Cauwenberge works there as PR Manager for Belgium and Luxembourg. Soon she will also take on the role of Communications Manager.


To be able to work as efficiently as possible, it is essential to be well surrounded. There are two points that are important for that: practical tools and competent partners.


Internationally, Jaguar Land Rover works with another supplier. Although this cooperation is much appreciated, Mrs. Van Cauwenberge feelt that it was not enough. She needed a local partner, who can provide her with the local press on a daily basis and in real time.

Added value

Mrs. Van Cauwenberge told us that without Auxipress, she would not be aware of what appears in the press. In which media? What is published there? By which journalist? All these questions would remain unanswered – or they would be answered too late – without a partner like Auxipress!

“With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, I was temporarily forced to suspend the collaboration with Auxipress. Without you, I felt like I was sailing blind and that was very unpleasant.” – Annick Van Cauwenberge

Belgium is a small but important country for premium brands. Moreover, the Belgian market is multilingual. With Auxipress as a partner, Mrs. Van Cauwenberge is sure that no article escapes her.

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