Success Story : UZ Gent

Success Story : UZ Gent

With more than 3,000 patients per day and over 6,000 employees, UZ Gent is one of the largest and most specialised hospitals in Flanders.



UZ Gent was looking for a partner who could meet the media monitoring needs of two different target groups within the hospital. On the one hand, we have the communication department and the press officer. On the other hand, there are the management, the doctors, and a few employees.

For Karlien Wouters, press officer and spokesperson, it is essential to be informed quickly of what is being said in the press. The ability to react quickly is crucial for brands and even more so for large entities such as UZ Gent.

Doctors, management, and staff must also be kept informed of what is happening in the media. The speed of delivery is also very important. However, the information must be aggregated so that this group can consult it without wasting time. Mrs Wouters has demonstrated this with an example. “Suppose a doctor is in the newspaper. At 10 o’clock, a patient goes to the doctor and refers to this article. It is therefore important as a doctor to be aware of the latest news so that you can react quickly.


Auxipress has a wide range of services including media monitoring. Online, offline, radio, television, social networks … Whatever the type of media, Auxipress is able to monitor it. Moreover, we do not only monitor the popular media, but also the specialised press. According to Karlien Wouters, this is one of the reasons why Auxipress is unique.

We send our articles and press clippings by e-mail every day. These press clippings are also made available on Uniq, our online platform, and on AuxiAlert, our mobile application. Karlien Wouters told us in the interview that these two tools are very important to her.

Thanks to Uniq, creating press reviews has never been so easy. Releasing a press review in a few clicks is very convenient, especially to share the latest news with management, doctors and staff. A real must-have for Mrs. Wouters.

Some scientific projects require funding from the doctors. The application for such funding must be accompanied by proof of the doctor’s presence in the press. Communication about these projects is obviously important. Without Uniq, this would be very time-consuming. “You type all your keywords into the search bar, click the button and you’re done! On top of that, you can put it all together in a single pdf. Really handy,” Karlien Wouters told us.

AuxiAlert keeps customers informed quickly, wherever they are. Mrs Wouters told us that this has helped her on several occasions. For example, when she was travelling and could not follow live television or radio news. After the broadcast, the audiovisual sequence is directly uploaded to her application. This gives Mrs. Wouters the opportunity to react quickly if necessary.

Added Value

Karlien Wouters also appreciates the way in which the articles and audiovisual fragments are delivered. According to her, the clippings are very well selected and cut out.  Customers can see immediately how the article appeared in the newspaper, which photos were included, etc. This makes it easy to share this information within the organisation.

Flexibility is another strong point of Auxipress that Mrs Wouters wanted to mention. Our customer service and sales team are always ready to help and look for solutions.

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