The Auxipress perspective on AI (Auxipress Intelligence)

The Auxipress perspective on AI (Auxipress Intelligence)

At Auxipress, our mission is to remain hyper-vigilant in the ever-changing media landscape, watching, listening, and analyzing information streams 24/7.

By far the most fulfilling part is to help our clients make sense of it all. At a time when everyone is singing the praises of artificial intelligence, we like to think that the secret to transforming mass information into actionable insights is the balance between technology and human expertise, in an unwavering commitment to relevance.

Artificial Intelligence: a Game Changer

The role of AI in Media Intelligence has never been more crucial. AI has the potential to process vast amounts of data, identify trends, and generate insights at lightning speed. It is a game changer, for sure, but it is not the entire game. Our belief at Auxipress is that at each level and each phase of the process, AI or any other technology can be integrated on two conditions:

  1. It must add real value.
  2. There must be a human interpretation of what is going on.
The Power of Auxipress Intelligence

Auxipress Intelligence is a unique blend of technology, data analysis, smart people, and extensive media coverage. Let’s delve into each component:

  1. Technology: We leverage a wide range of cutting-edge technologies to deliver the highest added value efficiently. From web scraping and crawling to Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, Social Media Listening tools, speech, image, and video recognition, geolocation, competitive intelligence tools, and alerts and notification systems – our technological arsenal is extensive and we are constantly scouring the market for possible improvements and additions.
  2. Data Analysis: We collect and aggregate an enormous amount of data, facts, and figures. We then filter out the data that is not relevant to the client. The remaining data is then transformed into actionable insights through big data analytics and data visualization tools.
  3. Smart People: Here’s where the real magic happens. We combine the best of technology with the intelligence and expertise of our dedicated teams. While technology can crunch numbers, our experts translate this wealth of data into practical and relevant advice, ensuring that the human side of intelligence is present at all times.
  4. Human Decision-Making: In the final step of our processes, human decision-making takes center stage. Smart filtering and human interpretation are essential for extracting meaningful insights. AI can process information, but context and understanding are still very human traits.
From Sheer Volume to Relevance

Over time, the demands of our clients have evolved, and so have Media Intelligence services. Initially, the focus was on brand monitoring, which we used to call the “PR” need. The challenge was simple: keep us informed about everything related to our brand. However, as the digital landscape evolved, PR has evolved, and challenges have shifted. Clients now demand more relevance, focusing on significant content instead of sheer volume.

In recent years, the world has become more uncertain and fast-paced, with events like economic crises, pandemics, wars, and elections constantly reshaping the media landscape. In response, our scope has expanded to encompass a brand’s entire ecosystem, including the brand itself, its competitors, the sector, new trends, and opportunities. This panoramic view of media intelligence allows us to provide a more comprehensive service.

Diverse Services for a Complex Media Landscape

As a response to this changing landscape, Auxipress has developed a range of services in its portfolio, each tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. These services include categorized press reviews for maintaining the hierarchy of information, editorial content to provide a global overview of market news, and Market Intelligence, which compiles essential strategic news.


The impact of AI on Media Intelligence is undeniable. However, it is essential to remember that the heart of this industry is a seamless integration of technology and human expertise. Our commitment at Auxipress is to provide our clients with a comprehensive view of the media landscape while maintaining the human touch and interpretation that AI alone cannot replicate. This harmony between technology and human intelligence is what sets us apart and allows us to offer unparalleled Media Intelligence solutions. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to staying at the forefront of technology while preserving the essence of relevance and human intelligence.

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