Success story : Alken-Maes

Success story : Alken-Maes



With beers such as Maes, Cristal, Grimbergen, Desperados, Ciney and Mort Subite, Alken-Maes breweries are among the largest and best-known brewing companies in Belgium.

Being aware of your role in society as a company is a must these days. What is your mission and purpose? And how does this fit in with what is happening in our society?

According to Sebastiaan De Meester, Corporate Affairs Manager at Alken-Maes, a global view of the outside world is essential to be able to react correctly to what is happening in society.


Alken-Maes opted for a press monitoring solution, which means that they receive press articles and audiovisual sequences several times a day. The delivery frequency is a very important criterion for Alken-Maes. They want to be informed as quickly as possible so that they can react quickly and anticipate.

Our services support Alken-Maes in their internal and external communication. Mr De Meester is not the only one who is regularly in contact with our articles and reports. Several departments within the brewery use Auxipress to improve their own internal reporting. The management and directors are also very interested in our data. Thanks to our services, Alken-Maes can identify the right journalists. In this way, journalists are more easily briefed, and this is reflected in good articles and interviews.

Alken-Maes uses the UniQ platform a lot. They mainly use it to create broader overviews around a certain theme or to group together articles spread over time.

Added Value

According to Mr. De Meester, monitoring is a very important tool: “Your monitoring is a mine of information; information that is worth its weight in gold! It helps us to better visualise and understand our microcosm. We don’t just monitor Alken-Maes and the brewery sector. We want to keep abreast of everything that is happening in society. Detecting trends and risks, reading the news, etc. are important things for companies of a certain scope and size and with a lot of ambition like Alken-Maes.

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