Success Story : Edenred

Success Story : Edenred

Edenred is the Belgian leader in payment solutions in the world of work and the inventor of the Ticket Restaurant. With over 1.6 million Belgian users and 10,000 corporate clients, Edenred needs to know what is being said about its brand and its market. We spoke to David Dupuis, Head of communications at Edenred, about the importance of mastering its brand image.



A company as publicized as Edenred must control its brand and have a complete view of every mention of it in the media. In addition, these media appearances need to be quantified and shared effectively internally.


Thanks to Auxipress, Edenred enjoyed complete media monitoring. “I am sure I will not miss anything that appears in the online and offline press,” says David Dupuis. Press clippings are sent daily, sometimes several times a day to the head of communication who can easily qualify and value them with his fellow managers.

Added value

Being aware of what is being said about your brand allows you to protect it by having a complete overview of the opinion of your audiences. This makes it possible to get to know your audience better and, de facto, to address it more effectively through more targeted communication actions.

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