Success story: AG

Success story: AG

From pension insurance to health care, car assistance and investments in the Belgian economy ... AG is a diversified company with more than 3 million customers, 4,000 employees and 5,000 distribution partners.


Prior to their collaboration with Auxipress, AG did not have the tools to track quickly publications in the press. For a large company like AG, it is essential to be aware of what is published in the media about it first thing in the morning.

A fast and accurate system to inform the press service of new articles in which AG is mentioned was therefore necessary to remain alert, to be able to react quickly if necessary and to inform management before the meetings start.

AG‘s needs have evolved over the years. In addition to the traditional press monitoring, AG needed analyses: monthly reports, studies on specific topics, competition analyses, etc.


AG receives several times a day an update of what is published in the press through articles and extracts. Auxipress’ flexibility lies in the diversity of the formats it offers.

AG uses a multifunctional CRM system. Auxipress has been able to link to this system and all our articles and extracts are automatically downloaded there. For Gerrit Feyaerts, Press Relations Manager at AG, this all-in-one solution is very practical.

Auxipress also provides AG with a monthly report on their press presence. The objective of this report is to create awareness for AG. How many times has AG appeared in the press? In what way? What is the result of all the work done by AG employees? This report is the link between articles, extracts and statistics. In other words, it is a suitable tool for internal marketing.

AG occasionally calls on Auxipress for studies on specific topics. How did our competitors deal with this topic? Did they reach their target group? Have we succeeded? What are the points for improvement? Auxipress is able to answer all these questions. For Mr Feyaerts, such a study is synonymous with “measuring, objectifying and improving”.

Added Value

Thanks to its collaboration with Auxipress, AG has been able to know and understand very precisely its presence in the press. AG follows the news in real time with Auxipress’ services. Therefore, they are able to act quickly if necessary and be constantly up-to-date thanks to multiple deliveries of articles and audiovisual sequences throughout the day.

The accurate analysis received by AG also enabled them to measure their performance and benchmark it against their competitors. Gerrit Feyaerts emphasises that the accuracy, speed of delivery, flexibility and responsiveness of Auxipress form a package that perfectly meets AG‘s needs.


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